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Well Organized Closet

Wendy Davis is the founder and owner of The Intentional Sort, a professional home and office organizing service in Queen Creek, Arizona.  Just as the name of her business refers, Wendy is passionate that as we choose intentionally and declutter our lives we find what really matters and are able to live our most joyful lives.  This is especially true in the things that we surround ourselves with every day in our homes and offices.  Creating intentional physical spaces can lead to emotional and behavioral shifts in our lives in amazing ways.  Wendy loves to help others create intentional spaces and offers guidance moving through life's transitions.  Wendy has been certified in Marie Kondo's method of organizing and offers both this method and traditional organizing services.  Wendy believes that organizing is a personal journey and will never discard items without your permission.  She also offers complimentary consultations and complimentary donation drop off if desired.  


$70.00 per hour  (3 Hour Minimum Session)

5 Session Prepay Discount:  $1000.00 (3 Hour Sessions)

Complimentary 30 minute consultations!


Working with Wendy was such a great experience! My kitchen pantry was a disaster, we were only using what we could see on the front of the shelves!  She has a way of organizing that lasts, now when we come home from the store it's so easy to put things away because they actually have a place! 

                                                    -Kami, Queen Creek

Wendy knew just the right questions to ask to help me make a decision I was happy about.  My home now feels lighter and I love being in it.   I'm surrounded by the things I love, and not feeling burdened by all the "stuff".

                                                         - Erin, Queen Creek

Wendy was kind and not judgmental! She helped me decide what to keep and what to toss or donate by holding them in my hands and seeing if I felt joy or not from the items.  It really works and was actually fun!  I've also been able to keep both the pantry and the storage room clean and orderly, which is unusual for me.                     - Jean, Gilbert

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