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Hi I'm Wendy!

I'm a certified professional organizer and the owner of The Intentional Sort LLC.  I feel passionately that there is a connection between our physical environment and our inner world - the better organized our homes are, the more peaceful we feel, and the more we can calm our minds, the easier it is to keep our homes tidy.  They are a reflection of each other.  The mission of The Intentional Sort is to help you create a physical space that allows you more mental space to live the life you love.  My specialty is helping clients take control of the paper in their lives.  Paper seems to be a common struggle since it comes into our lives/homes whether or not we choose it. 

I am a native Arizonan and have raised my four children here.   I have a bachelor's degree in Human Resource Development and have always been interested in creating systems and habits that help things run smoothly.  Together , we can create systems that will work for you.

My life experiences have taught me to be nonjudgmental and compassionate to others' life situations.  I highly respect all those who are vulnerable enough to make positive changes in their lives and evolve.

When I'm not helping clients you can find me with my best friend/husband visiting our grandkids or laughing with friends, on a yoga mat, listening to a podcast, or hanging out in my garden!

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