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Hello Friend, I'm Wendy Davis!

Never feel "at home" when you're in your home?  Feeling overburdened, overwhelmed and don't know where to start?  Want to move forward into a life you love but feel stuck?  I've been there, I see you.   Discovering Marie Kondo's method of tidying and choosing what stayed based on whether it sparked joy and fit the lifestyle I wanted to live was a huge step in my path. 

 I not only learned whether the items in my home brought me joy, but also the way I spent my time, my relationships with others and ultimately my career.  Now I help others to lighten their physical and emotional loads using Marie Kondo's "Konmari method".  This unique process of organizing  called a "tidying festival" is accomplished by category - clothing, books, paper, miscellaneous, and finally sentimental items. If you're ready for some positive shifts in your life, I would love to talk.  I offer complimentary virtual consultations.  You can choose virtual or in home sessions, and I have been completely vaccinated.

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"Wendy knew just the right questions to ask to help me make a decision I was happy about.  My home now feels lighter and I love being in it.   I'm surrounded by the things I love, and not feeling burdened by all the "stuff".

 - Erin, Queen Creek


Virtual Sessions starting from $180.00


In Home Session Packages starting from $1230.00

Workshops- rates vary, please call!